You get an unfair advantage with Product Savants.

What if we could solve the #1 problem faced by Amazon Sellers?

And while we're doing that what if we could go on ahead and solve the #2 problem for FBA Sellers at the exact same time?

We are solving those problems everyday at Product Savants.


We solve the #1 problem of selecting a winning product to sell on the Marketplace and the #2 problem of finding a trustworthy source at a reasonable economic value to get started immediately.


And you're in the right place to find out how we do it and how you can benefit.

I think I can get to 7 figures in 2020. I expect to do 3 times more than you projected in your product summary!

Chris Lyell

CEO is NOW Once we launched the company officially we wanted to have a brand name beyond our original marketing name. Thank you for supporting the all new ProductSavants!


Kevin King and Steve Simonson have teamed up to create the Product Savants concept which is wholly unique and presents an unprecedented opportunity to learn from two of the world's leading experts about how to find those special "unicorn" caliber products and then to source to scale those unicorns!


Product Savants takes only the most motivated and qualified Amazon Sellers PAST just learning and into action that saves time and has the potential to deliver meaningful long term ROI.

This special collaboration is designed to help Amazon sellers and eCommerce entrepreneurs grow more quickly with hard core deliverables provided by the Product Savants team.


Not everyone can do this. What we're doing is hard. It's hard even for experienced people with deep teams of experts, but we are getting the job done and our capabilities are now ramping up faster than ever.


Learn more about the Product Savants today and don't forget to get pre-qualified for future opportunities.


All opportunities shared by Product Savants are first come first served only. Each buyer must go through the vetting and contract process and ONLY when that is completed is the deal considered closed and final and THEN the buyer will receive the product information package. This dossier will include extraordinary information that YOU need to successfully position and launch this item. Once this information is transmitted there is NO REFUND.  


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